Exploring the Latest Pinterest Shopping Features in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, social media platforms play a pivotal role in shaping the way users discover and shop for products. Pinterest, known for its visually-driven content, has been a hub for inspiration and creativity. In 2024, Pinterest continues to innovate and enhance the user shopping experience with a slew of exciting features. Let’s delve into the latest Pinterest shopping features that are reshaping the online shopping journey.

Pinterest Shops 2.0: Elevating the Storefront Experience

Pinterest Shops 2.0 takes the concept of a virtual storefront to new heights. Businesses can create a customized shop on their Pinterest profile, allowing users to browse and purchase products seamlessly. With enhanced customization options, brands can showcase their unique identity and tell a compelling story through their Pinterest Shop. This feature is designed to bridge the gap between inspiration and purchase, making the shopping experience more engaging and personalized.

Shoppable Pins with Augmented Reality (AR): Bringing Products to Life

Pinterest has introduced AR-enabled Shoppable Pins, taking product visualization to a whole new level. Users can now virtually try on products before making a purchase, thanks to augmented reality technology. Whether it’s trying on a pair of sunglasses or visualizing how a piece of furniture fits into their living space, AR Shoppable Pins enhance the shopping experience by providing a more immersive and interactive way to explore products.

Pinterest Live Shopping Events: Real-Time Connection with Brands

Live shopping has gained immense popularity across various platforms, and Pinterest is no exception. With Pinterest Live Shopping Events, brands can connect with their audience in real-time, showcasing products and answering questions directly. This feature fosters a sense of community and urgency, as users can engage with the brand and make purchases during the live event. It’s a dynamic way for businesses to build relationships with their audience and drive sales.

Shop the Look: Curated Style Inspiration with Direct Purchase Links

Pinterest’s “Shop the Look” feature has undergone enhancements to make it even more user-friendly. Users can explore curated style inspiration and, with a single tap, find direct purchase links for the featured products. This seamless integration of inspiration and purchase makes it easier for users to discover and acquire the items they love, turning their Pinterest boards into personalized shopping catalogs.

Personalized Product Recommendations: Tailoring the Shopping Journey

Pinterest leverages its powerful recommendation algorithms to offer users a personalized shopping experience. As users interact with content on the platform, Pinterest analyzes their preferences and behavior to provide tailored product recommendations. This feature not only helps users discover new products but also increases the likelihood of finding items that align with their unique tastes and interests.


As Pinterest continues to redefine the online shopping experience with innovative features like Pinterest Shops 2.0, AR Shoppable Pins, Live Shopping Events, and personalized recommendations, it’s worth noting that SavePin, a cutting-edge tool, now offers the convenience of Pinterest video downloads. This additional feature adds a new dimension to your Pinterest journey, allowing you to save and revisit inspiring videos that catch your eye. Keep exploring, discovering, and now, saving your favorite Pinterest moments with SavePin’s image/video download capabilities. Happy shopping!


How do I set up a Pinterest Shop for my business?

To set up a Pinterest Shop for your business, follow these steps:
a. Log in to your Pinterest business account.
b. Click on your profile picture and select “Settings.”
c. Under “Account settings,” find the “Shop” tab.
d. Complete the required information, including linking your shop to an approved e-commerce platform.
e. Customize your Pinterest Shop with your brand’s logo, cover image, and a compelling description.
f. Start adding products to your shop, ensuring each product has a clear image, description, and price.

How can I use augmented reality (AR) Shoppable Pins on Pinterest?

To experience AR Shoppable Pins on Pinterest:
a. Open the Pinterest app on your mobile device.
b. Search for products or browse through curated content.
c. Look for Pins with the AR icon.
d. Tap on the Pin to try out the product using augmented reality.
e. Follow on-screen instructions to virtually place the product in your environment.
f. If you like the product, you can proceed to purchase directly through the Pinterest app.

What are Pinterest Live Shopping Events, and how can I participate?

Pinterest Live Shopping Events allow brands to connect with their audience in real-time. To participate:
a. Navigate to your Pinterest profile.
b. Tap on the “+” button to create a new Pin.
c. Select the “Go Live” option.
d. Set up your live shopping event, including a compelling title and description.
e. Showcase products, answer questions from viewers, and provide direct purchase links.
f. Users can engage with your live event and make purchases during the broadcast.

How does “Shop the Look” work on Pinterest?

“Shop the Look” on Pinterest lets you explore curated style inspiration with direct purchase links. Here’s how it works:
a. Browse Pinterest for style inspiration.
b. When you find a Pin with a shopping bag icon, tap on it.
c. Explore individual products featured in the Pin and find direct purchase links.
d. Click on the links to view more details or make a purchase from the linked website.
e. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience directly from your curated style inspiration.

Can I disable personalized product recommendations on Pinterest?

While you can’t completely disable personalized product recommendations on Pinterest, you can influence them by adjusting your activity. Pinterest’s recommendation algorithms analyze your interactions with Pins to provide tailored suggestions. To refine your recommendations:
a. Clear your search history and recent activity on Pinterest.
b. Pin and engage with content that aligns with your specific interests.
c. Review and update your interests in the Pinterest settings to reflect your preferences accurately.